Sea Wolf Industries offer various products that can help you with your needs. Some of our available products are the following:

Thermoforming / Vacuum Forming

We offer two main types of thermoforming machines; moving sheet or platen. The moving sheet feature is when the heated sheet is lowered to the platen for forming the desired part. In contrast, moving platen utilizes a scissor jack or screw lift to raise the platen to the heated sheet. Your production needs will determine which type of thermoforming machine you’ll need. Note, ceiling mounted or plain heaters are available.

Spray-up Systems

Dry Additive Dispensing 
This system consists of a metering device and a hopper designed to attach to an air powered fiberglass spray gun/chopper. This process enables you to use recycled FRP fibers with preexisting spray-up machinery allowing you to spray a stream.

FRP Grinder

This machine is not a mulcher, but similar to hammer-mill. It is built to withstand abrasive fiberglass trimmings and maintains a low temperature; eliminating the fear of combustion. The FRP grinder will allow you to maintain the integrity of the fibers for viable reuse. Our grinders are available in four basic models with various screen sizes.

Trimming Equipment

We are the industry leader in Automated Trimsaw development. The Sea Wolf trim saw is a labor-saving device that guarantees accuracy and throughput. Personnel turnover is minimized and environmental concerns are greatly reduced. Sea Wolf’s low maintenance standard trim saw design can be modified to meet individual needs. We have been building trimmers for over 15 years and have proven their effectiveness repeatedly.


We offer designing and the prototyping of mechanical devices, such as vacuum formers, in composite construction.

Our goal is to turn your dreams into reality – giving you full satisfaction of a lucrative job well done. This is achieved with superior design expertise with the job done the right way the first time round, in a timely manner.

Molds for Thermoforming / Vacuum Forming and Pressure Forming

We offer mold design, prototyping, and construction services for any size mold according to your specifications. We have vast experience in the design and construction of high production molds and specialize in complicated deep draw molds. For example, tubs and showers can easily be converted from left to right or vice versa. Due to the modular design of our thermoformers, each mold can produce several variances. We are also experienced in aluminum thermoforming molds.


We can custom design and fabricate robotic equipment for your specific application and manufacturing needs.

Robotics benefits:

  • Decreases labor costs
  • Unparalleled precision and consistency
  • Reduces employee injuries and health risks